Key Terms
Translation Consultants work with a number of translation teams in an area. Part of their role is to help their teams ensure the accuracy and consistency of their translations. Amongst the most important checks they encourage teams to make is the way in which 'Key Terms' are translated.

Key Terms are words like 'righteousness', 'faith' and perhaps 'temple' which are particularly important in the scripture narrative. The translators must render them accurately and consistently but with sensitivity to the style of the language and local custom.

Reviewing how translators translate Key Terms is not easy. Their TC may not speak their language and must often rely on the translators to back-translate their text for him into a language he knows. Since 2006, however, the TC has had a new and powerful tool to help him.

The BFBS Statistical Glossing Tool is able to find automatically the equivalent word or phrase in the new translation for each of the Key erms on the TC's list. When he reviews the output the TC can easily see the places in the translation where the translators appear to have handled a term in a different way. This helps the team focus on these passages to ensure that potentially unhelpful inconsistencies don't creep into the translation.