About this site

Technical Stuff

The site is built on the e107 Content Management System (CMS). e107 is freely available under the GNU GPL Licence. The site is written in PHP and is backed by a MySQL database. At present it is hosted on a server which is not guaranteed to be live 24:7 and which might disappear overnight one day. If you find on a revisit that the server is not up and need to access the site you will know whom to contact.

Re-Branding MAT

As part of the fund-raising focus on Translation at BFBS this year and in the context of the wider re-branding exercise currently under way the time seemed right to re-visit the question of the MAT identity. Over the years a number of comments have been passed about the inaccessibility of the name "Machine Assisted Translation". The concept of virtual machines which analyse and process language is felt by many to be somewhat arcane.
A secondary issue has been the recognition that within our particular context of work we are known as BFBS not simply Bible Society. We have tried to address both these problems by restyling ourselves "BFBS Linguistic Computing".

New Logo
Thanks are due to a colleague from Bolivia, Tomas Ortiz who has designed for us this new logo. The three faces represent language, computing and people. The graphic is scalable and works well even down to 16x16 favicon size. We expect to use it as a program icon and on the splash screens of systems which use our technologies.


We would like to know what you think about the site and new brand. Within the limitations of chosen code base we are anxious to make the site as user friendly as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions, please add them as comments to this post. You will need to be logged in to add a comment.