Concordance Builder
The Concordance Builder is powered by the glossing tool and works with Paratext. It takes a model concordance, and using glossing technology converts the model into an equivalent concordance for the target language text. Like the GT it requires Paratext 6.1 or higher.

With access to the UBS-ICAP confluence site, you are able to download the installation files. You can find them at:

The system was described and demonstrated at the IMI/ASLIB Conference Translatin and the Computing 31 in London in November 2009. The paper presented can be downloaded here: Automatic Concordancing - ASLIB 2009 v0.1.

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Rees, N. & Riding, J. (2009), Automatic Concordance Creation for Texts in Any Language, in 'Proceedings of Translation and the Computer 31', IMI/ASLIB.