Welsh Projects

WELSH (cymraeg)

New Welsh Bible

Welsh is a Celtic language related to Breton (in Brittany) and Cornish (in Cornwall). It is chiefly spoken in Wales, but there is also a small Welsh speaking population in Patagonia and Welsh communities in England. Welsh is written using Roman script, with digraphs and diacritics.

The first Welsh Bible was completed in 1588, and the New Welsh Bible (Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd) was produced 400 years later in 1988. It has recently beed revised.

For more information on the Welsh language see BRITISH ISLES under LANGUAGES on the menu.

The BFBS LC Team have been involved in a number of projects for the New Welsh Bible to produce:
  • an exhaustive concordance
  • a biblical names index
  • a web-based concordance

The BFBS LC Team worked with the:
  • Welsh Churches Council and
  • the University of Wales Press

A new translation into Colloquial Welsh is currently being done by Arfon Jones.