Who we work with


Although BFBS is based in the UK most of our close colleagues work overseas. We work closely with Translators and Translation Consultants (TCs) with Computer Assisted Publishing Officers (CAPOs) and with other software designers and engineers, particularly the UBS Paratext team.

Translators are most often members of their national bible society, TCs may have offices at a national bible society but are usually members of UBS or perhaps SIL. Area CAP staff are part of UBS but some national bible societies have their own local CAP officers. The Paratext team are part of UBS but work closely with other specialists like BFBS LC.


All these organisations and their staff are members of the Institute for Computer Assisted Publishing. ICAP is administered by the Canadian Bible Society and provides a forum for staff from these different organisations to meet whether translation staff or computer specialists. ICAP also provides training for CAP staff worldwide.
ICAP uses the WWW extensively to communicate and to distribute software and training documentation to its members.

Software Developers

Within ICAP BFBS LC are members of the software development group and lead the development of systems such as the Glossing technology and the Concordance and Names index Builders. All these asystems ship as part of the Paratext translators support software suite.

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