Paratext 7 Support
The UBS scripture editing platform, Paratext, is currently undergoing a major rewrite under .NET. BFBS LC are contributing to this work in a number of Areas:

  • Note Capture Tool
    At the ICAP conference in July 2007 it was decided that Translation Notes Editor (TNE) was too complex as an interface for capturing project notes. BFBS LC were asked to assist in the design of a much more user friendly interface which, combined with the new PT7 display, would be more intuitive for the user.
  • WIKI based Documentation
    Creating coherent and helpful documentation sets for systems is always a problem for the ICAP developers. There simply isn't the resource to do anything more than write the code. Recognising this ICAP has set out to pilot a WIKI based documentation set to which all users may contribute in the hope that this will make up for the lack of centrally created helps. BFBS LC was involved in the original discussions for this system and expects to contribute particularly to the CB, NIB and GT documentation sets.
  • Key Terms List
    As part of PT7 a comprehensive check of the key terms list has been included. This allows translators and TCs to review their translation of key terms across the breadth of their project. The check uses the BFBS LC automatic glossing technology to analyse the consistency of usage for each key term in the target text.

BFBS LC continue to work closely with ICAP, helping to develop current technologies within the Paratext framework.

See also: Glossing Technology in Paratext 7 v0.3Glossing technologies as implemented in Paratext 7.
Riding, JD and van Steenbergen GJ Glossing Technology in Paratext 7, In: The Bible Translator United Bible Societies Vol 62 No. 2, 2011

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