Helping Translators

A word-processor for bible translator

Most Bible translators use a word processor called Paratext (PT) to create their translation. PT is a wysiwyg text editor which provides an empty template into which a new translation can be typed. PT also displays the text from which the translator is working, automatically scrolled to the place where the text is being entered. PT can be used for nearly all the world's languages and scripts and can also display the base languages of scripture e.g. Greek and Hebrew.

Checking a translation

As a translation progresses a translation consultant (TC) continually reviews the work for accuracy and consistency. Until recently such reviews required the preparation of a manual back-translation from the new back into the model language.

Automatic checking since 2007

Since 2007 it has been possible to create back-translations automatically using automatic glossing technology developed at BFBS. The glosser works out which words are equivalent in the model translation and new translation and then aligns the pairs of words on the screen. TCs can use the same technology to explore key terms in a text to check for accuracy and consistency of use.

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