Who we are

The Team

There are just two members of the team at present. Jon Riding is the principal researcher and team leader, Neil Rees specialises in concordances and research into the biblical canon. Both live in the UK and work from home, one to the West of Oxford and one to East.

Jon Riding

Jon joined Bible Society in 1989 as a computer systems manager following a career in the Ministry of Defence. Since 1992 he has been a researcher and team leader with BFBS LC.

Since moving to Linguistic computing he has worked on projects from all over the world although he has a particular interest in the languages of sub-Saharan Africa. Jon's main research interest is in developing systems that can automatically derive word-formation rules for languages with complex morphologies.

When not at work Jon can usually be found practising in his local parish church where he is the organist & choirmaster or sailing his 46 year old Wayfarer dinghy W588.

Neil Rees

Neil joined the team in 1995 after working as a programmer at a major financial institution. His first role was to develop and write a system for creating small concordances. This precursor to the current Concordance Builder took him to Eastern Europe, Africa and South America, working with teams creating concordances with the system.

Neil was responsible for specifying the current Concordance and Names Index Builder systems and continues to oversee their development and give consultancy support to their users all over the world.

His spare time occupations include hiking and local history.

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